Kickboxing Techniques

10’th Degree - White Belt

1. Basic Stances:

a. Semi-frontal stance
b. Side stance


2. Footwork and Movement in side and semi-frontal stance
3. Guard in positions:
a. Semi-frontal
b. Frontal


4. Guard during Forward and Backward Steps
5. Guard during Right direction and Left direction Steps

Fitness Techniques:
Push-ups on fists:
20 repetitions / 60 seconds
Sprint running on place / 30 seconds
Battle rope / 60 seconds


9’th Degree - White Belt with Yellow Stripe
5. Controlled Falls:
a. Forward
b. Backward
c. Left / Right


6. Breath Control Techniques during Boxing Training
7. Hook Punch with Rear Hand
8. Hook Punch with Lead Hand
9. Pushing in the Clinch
10. Alternating Steps during a fight
11. Adjusting Steps Forward and Backward in Semi-frontal Position


Fitness Techniques:
Running in place with knees up to waist height 60 seconds
Burpees 20 repetitions: 60 seconds
Medicine ball throw behind after lifting from the ground 10 repetitions / 60 seconds


8’th Degree - Yellow Belt
12. Straight Punches with the Lead Hand to the Head in Semi-frontal Position
13. Straight Punches with the Rear Hand to the Head in Semi-frontal Position
14. Dodging Head Attacks
15. Parrying Straight Punches to the Head

16. Push Kick to the Body in Semi-frontal


a. With Front Leg
b. With Rear Leg
17. Straight Punches to the Body in Diving
18. Hook Punches to the Body in Diving


Fitness Techniques:
Squats with a minimum of 5 kg weight 30 repetitions / 90 seconds
Sprint in place 60 seconds
Plank 60 seconds


7’th Degree - Yellow Belt with Orange Stripe
19. Frontal Push Kick
20. Side Push Kick


21. Defense Against Body Strikes Through:
a. Parrying Strikes
b. Blocks c. Dodges


22. Combination of Adjusting Steps:
a. Forward / Backward
b. Left / Right


23. Jumping Forward and Backward with Guard Maintenance:
a. Forward
b. Backward


24. Knee Strikes in the Clinch:
a. Front
b. Side


25. Knee Strikes in Attack:
a. Front
b. Side


Fitness Techniques:
Getting up in place from lying on the back with weight held in hands: 10 repetitions / 120 seconds
Straight crunches without foot support: 30 repetitions in 60 seconds
Seated torso twists without foot support with a 10kg weight held in hands: 45 repetitions / 90 seconds


6’th Degree - Orange Belt
26. Straight Punches to the Torso in Diving
27. Hook Punches to the Torso in Diving


28. Rotational Techniques for Strikes:
a. With the Elbow
b. With the Back of the Glove


29. Combined Kicking Techniques with Support (Internal / External Attack):
a. Double: Middle and High
b. Triple: Low, Middle, and High


30. Exiting the Clinch Through:
a. Jump Back
b. Attack
c. Spin


31. Attack Techniques After Exiting the Clinch:
a. Punching Attack
b. Kicking Attack


Fitness Techniques:
Burpees: squats + push-ups + jumps 20 repetitions / 60 seconds
Stepping onto a platform with a minimum of 5kg weight held in hands 60 seconds per leg, total time 120 seconds
Jump rope for 60 seconds


5’th Degree - Green Belt
32. Hook Punches to the Head with Lead Hand
33. Hook Punches to the Head with Rear Hand
34. Hook Punches to the Body with Lead Hand
35. Hook Punches to the Body with Rear Hand


36. Defense Against Hook Punches Through:
a. Diagonal Dodges Left/Right
b. Block
c. Parry


37. Elbow Strike to the Body in Frontal Approach
38. Elbow Strike to the Head in Frontal Approach
39. Outer Hook Kick to the Thigh
40. Inner Hook Kick to the Thigh
41. Outer Hook Kick to the Knee
42. Inner Hook Kick to the Knee
43. Defense Against Kicks to the Thigh and Knee
44. High Hook Kicks with Front Leg

45. High Hook Kicks with Rear Leg
46. High Frontal Kicks with Front Leg
47. High Frontal Kicks with Rear Leg


Fitness Techniques:
Bag kicking high, medium, and low, minimum 120 kicks
Punching the pad for 120 seconds: minimum 200 punches
Shadowboxing for 120 seconds (mixed strikes)


4’th Degree - Blue Belt
48. Dodge through Rotation Combined with a Jump Back
49. Rotation Combined with a Punch and/or Kick Attack
50. Push Kick with Rotation to the Body


51. Combined Kicking Techniques without Support by the Returning Leg:
a. Double: Middle and High
b. Triple: Low, Middle, and High


52. Falling Kick with Front Leg
53. Falling Kick with Rear Leg


Fitness Techniques:
Medicine ball throw behind after lifting from the ground 20 repetitions / 30 seconds
Squats with a minimum of 5kg weight 30 repetitions / 60 seconds
Push-ups on fists 45 repetitions / 60 seconds


3’rd Degree - Brown Belt with Blue Stripe
54. Defense Against Side Kicks to the Body Through:
a. Parry
b. Block
c. Dodge


55. Side Kick with Front Leg to the Body
56. Side Kick without Rotation with Rear Leg to the Body
57. Side Kick with Rotation with Rear Leg to the Body
58. Sliding Foot Techniques


Fitness Techniques:
Wide stance - shifting body weight from left leg to right leg with a minimum of 5kg weight 60 repetitions
Lying face down on elbows pulling knees to chest, inward and outward: 3 sets of 20 repetitions for each type of technique
Oblique crunches lying on back: diagonal knee pulls to elbows with hands clasped behind head 120 repetitions / 60


2’nd Degree - Brown Belt
59. Front Kick to the Head with Front Leg and Stepping Up with Rear Leg
60. Side Kick to the Head with Front Leg and Stepping Up with Rear Leg
61. Side Kick with Front Leg to the Head
62. Side Kick with Rear Leg to the Head
63. Diagonal Kick to the Body with Front Leg
64. Diagonal Kick to the Body with Rear Leg
65. Push Kick to the Body after Rotation


Fitness Techniques:
Getting up in place from lying down with weight 30 repetitions / 120 seconds
Step up for time 60 repetitions / 60 seconds
Medicine ball throw behind after lifting from the ground 30 repetitions / 60 seconds


1’st Degree - Brown Belt with Black Stripe
66. Side Kick with Front Leg to the Head
67. Spinning Side Kick to the Head
68. Hooking Kick with Rotation to the Body
69. Hooking Kick with Rotation to the Head
70. Mixed Leg Techniques without Support Performed with the Same Leg
71. Falling Kick in Rotation
72. Minimum number of fights 5


Fitness Techniques:
Cross-body mountain climber- face down on straight arms pulling knees to chest / inward / outward 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each type of technique
Push-ups: 30 repetitions in 60 seconds
Shadowboxing: 3 rounds of 120 seconds


Black Belt –
73. Minimum number of fights 15.
74. Mastery of All Previous Techniques (Specified in the Examination Regulations).

Training in martial arts positively impacts individuals in the long term in various ways.

Firstly, consistent practice of martial arts cultivates discipline, patience, and perseverance, which are essential virtues notonly in training but also in all aspects of life.

Secondly, the physical conditioning acquired through martial arts training contributes to overall health and well-being,reducing the risk of chronic illnesses and promoting longevity.


Moreover, martial arts instil a sense of respect, humility, and empathy towards others, fostering harmonious relationshipswithin communities.

Furthermore, the problem-solving skills honed during martial arts practice translate into improved decision-makingabilities and adaptability in challenging situations outside the dojo.

Additionally, the mental fortitude developed through facing and overcoming obstacles in training empowers individuals totackle adversities with resilience and confidence in their personal and professional lives.

Lastly, the camaraderie and support found in martial arts schools create a strong sense of belonging and mutualencouragement, bolstering individuals' social connections and mental health over time.

Positive aspects of kickboxing:

1. Full-Body Workout: Kickboxing training engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a comprehensiveworkout for the entire body.

2. Cardiovascular Fitness: The high-intensity nature of kickboxing helps improve cardiovascular health, increasing staminaand endurance over time.

3. Strength Development: Through repetitive striking and kicking movements, kickboxing builds strength in the arms, legs,core, and shoulders.

4. Improved Flexibility: Regular practice of kickboxing movements helps enhance flexibility and range of motion, leading toimproved overall athleticism.

5. Stress Relief: Engaging in kickboxing allows participants to release pent-up stress and tension, promoting mentalrelaxation and emotional well-being.

6. Self-Defense Skills: Kickboxing teaches practical self-defense techniques that can be invaluable in real-life situations,empowering individuals to protect themselves effectively.

7. Confidence Boost: Mastering new techniques and progressing in kickboxing training boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, both inside and outside the gym.

8. Weight Loss: The combination of cardio and strength training in kickboxing leads to calorie burning, aiding in weight lossand body fat reduction.

9. Improved Coordination and Balance: Kickboxing requires precise coordination of movements, leading to improvedbalance, agility, and proprioception.

10. Social Interaction: Kickboxing classes provide a supportive community environment where individuals can connect withlike-minded peers, fostering friendships and a sense of belonging.

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