The Aikido Academy in England is part of the Health and Fit Sports Academy and operates under the aegis of the Polish Federation of Far-Eastern Martial Arts based in Warsaw.

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mobile.:  07403 290 019


Our trainings take place in the following place and time:


Every Saturday from 13.30pm  to 3.00


Bedwell Community Centre  

Bedwell Cres,



Every one welcome. 

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Healthy Martial Art

Aikido is a martial art that harmoniously combines body and mind elements, it is more than just one of many combat systems. Aikido tactics are to dodge, cover, lever, throw, etc. The precision of the movements means that a well-trained aikidoka can even cope with several opponents at the same time. Everyone can practice Aikido, because there is no age barrier here. Everyone trains at a level appropriate to their own abilities and needs.

There is a friendly atmosphere during trainings, which eliminates unnecessary stress.

During the classes, we learn to cooperate and respect ourselves and other exercisers, because there is no aggression or struggle, and we improve our techniques by working together. We all share the acquired knowledge with each other, thanks to which we gain a lot.

Children are divided into two groups - beginner and advanced. Classes for children are of general development character, their purpose is to improve physical fitness and learn the basic principles of aikido, such as labels, pads, and some techniques. During training, children DO NOT use levers or strong throws that could pose a threat to them. However, already in the advanced group, children begin to learn the basics of self-defense.

Often children in the older group have the opportunity to checkyour skills on advanced learning classes.There are various aids in the training with get, which make the classes attractive. The most important thing during the classes is to develop a stable attitude that will enable an immediate reaction to an attack in the future. The instructor is addicted to abnormalities and bad habits of the standing and sitting posture of children.
Incorrect posture is the result of many hours of sitting in school desks and results in a curvature of the spine and a slouching. 


Aikido trainings make the child stand and sit uprightduring everyday activities.Children in training take examsto the degrees of kyu, thanks to which they gradually improve their skills.Besides, aikido is a sport that gives children a lot of exercise.

Youth and adults: trainings with general development elements aimed at increasing fitness, aimed primarily at teaching the most important techniques such as pads, throws, levers. Workouts are designed to train reflexes and habits, useful for self-defense. Advanced workouts: These trainings are more dynamic, the throws and levers used in them require more skill than both practitioners, the marking of attacks and defense is avoided.



Do you want to start training? We cordially invite you to one free training! Remember that every master was once an apprentice. If you already have art experience, so much the better. You lose nothing, you can only gain!


Aikido belongs to a group of five combat disputes (judo, kendo, kyudo, karatedo, aikido) practiced in Japan on a mass scale.It is a modern training system, based on the primary schools of sword and spear, developed by Master Morihei UESHIBA (1883-1969).





Our trainings take a place: 


Every Saturday  1.30pm - 3pm.

Bedwell Community Center 
Bedwell Cres, Stevenage Sg1 1NA,


For more info call 07403 290 019.



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